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Zanskar, the most isolated of all the trans Himalayan valleys is famous for its high ranges, beautiful Gompas and friendly people. The area remains inaccessible for nearly eight months a year due to heavy snowfall resulting in closure of all the access passes. In the summer, especially in June the climate is ideal for trekking along the route. Padum used to be the ancient capital of Zanskar but now it is the administrative headquarter.

Chadar Expedition Zanskar :

The “Chadar” Frozen River Trek:
The “Chadar” means blanket, here it refers to the frozen blanket over Zanskar river. The Chadar expedition is unique and one of the scintillating adventures you can ever experience. It had been a life line for local people, as in winter there is no other way in and out, as all other roads and trekking routes are closed because of harsh weather and heavy snow fall.

For this particular expedition we uses all local staff from Zanskar, all the porters, and guide are from Zanskar itself, in every sense we want to give you a local feeling, and it helps the visitors to interact easily with local families, and monks. You will never forget the gathering and camp fire in evening, some places you have to sleep in caves, which will give you a life time experience.

During this trek you might encounter with many rare species of wild life, for example Snow Leopards, (Panthera uncia), Wolf (Canis lupus), Fox (Vulpes vulpes) Siberian Ibex ( Capra Ibex cibirica) , Tibetan Argali (Ovis ammon), Bharal (Pseudis nayaur), Lynx (Felix lynx) and Brown Bear (Urso arctos) .

There are two options for Chaddar trek the longer options is 18 to 20 days from Leh - Chilling -Padum - Chilling and back to Leh . The shorter option is Leh Chilling – Lingshed - Chilling and back to Leh for 12 to 14 days.

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